Overwatch requires wine-fshack for high refresh rates

Running Overwatch with “default” runner, which is lutris-6.0-x86_64 and installed alongside it, you will only get “standard” FPS, 50 to 57Hz, far below the proper 120 or 144 FPS that you would get with fshack on supported monitors.

So I request Lutris developers to release fshack versions on every wine release.

I get an average of 150 FPS on the lutris wine builds? Are you sure your graphic settings in game are set properly?

The graphic settings inside the game only allow framerates round 50 to 57Hz depending on resolution, but not the fastest options like before.

I’m pretty sure lutris- wine builds all have fshack nowadays, at least 6.0 and 6.4 do. Your improved functionality (properly functioning vsync because monitor capabilities are correctly identified?) could be for some other reason related to using a different (older?) Wine runner that also has fshack.

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Didn’t thought about that. Yes my Nvidia card has V-Sync. How do I troubleshoot the issue?

The nice thing about Lutris is, you can keep on using that Wine version that you are having the best results with, for that game.

You could also try turning Vsync off in the game settings and see if your frame rate is what you would expect.

Vsync basically synchronizes your frame rate with the vertical refresh rate of your monitor. I was assuming that it was Vsync that you were talking about, in Hz.

The problem is, after latest system and Lutris updates, the game doesn’t get to launch at all with fshack-5.7.3 which was working for me before (does the Battle Net launcher though).
I need to move on, request a fix.

Is your main desktop refresh rate set high enough? If I don’t have 144hz set for my desktop I don’t get the higher options within Overwatch.

I don’t know, mine is a 120hz and I personally have it set to 150 FPS in game. Not that I know much about the technical side, but I can get the frames in game WAY higher than my actual display output.

I’ve checked and after fresh Lutris install, Overwatch has already VSYNC disabled withing video settings. I’m not getting still proper screen maximum framerate.

When you say “proper” what do you mean? Do you mean the ingame settings are higher FPS but your actual screen isn’t showing FPS?

The only time I ever had a problem with not selecting the higher refresh rates are if:
The monitor does not support them.
The OS is not configured to the higher rates.

What is your OS/desktop refresh rate?

The display is 120Hz VSYNC and the game plays at 50-70FPS, with previous fshack I had maxed fps around 120.