Overwatch raw mouse input?

I have managed to get overwatch working on lutris with latest nvidia and dxvk. However the mouse sensitivity is too high compared to my windows machine, I am running 6 sensitivity on both. Also there seems to be mouse acceleration despite the fact I disabled it in gnome tweaks. How can I get overwatch to use raw mouse input so it is not affected by whatever WINE is doing?

Thats your acceleration profile, just set it to flat.

I’ve done that but mouse acceleration is still there. On csgo there is none so I think wine is adding it.

Are you playing in Windows mode or Fullscreen? You can try windowed mode.


There is a lot of work ongoing around raw input in Wine atm, you can try the new esync-3.15 build aswell:

  • Wine: HID device support in Raw Input.
  • Staging: winex11-mouse-movements patchset

Raw input seems to have been improved, perhaps you will notice it. (I don’t have windows, so I never had to compare)

Ok I will try windowed mode. Does the latest wine staging have raw input?

Borderless windowed makes no difference and windowed makes my mouse spin left constantly.

Ok so I just followed the wiki page for mouse acceleration and confirmed that its off. However I still have mouse acceleration in the game. Windowed mode doesn’t help either. Do you know why the game won’t let me bind left control to crouch, it changes it to right control when I go back into the settings.

I’ve got my desktop sensitivity the same as windows by measuring how far the mouse moves to cross the screen. However overwatch is still too high sensitivity, WINE must be doing something to effect sensitivity.

Not being able to bind LCTRL is a known bug. You can bind RCTRL to LCTRL outside the game (Xmodmap etc), if you need it.

And I really don’t have issues with sensitivity. And no clue about how you can fix it. Try a different window manager? You never said anything about what DE / distro / WM you are using.

EDIT: Anyways, I just checked if esync-3.15 is available, and it is. So switch your runner to that and try again.

I don’t have esync-3.15 on my list of runners, how do I install it? I am on ubuntu 18.04 and I set the acceleration profile in GNOME to flat.

Manage Runners for Wine, install it.

3.15 has exactly the same mouse behaviour

Well, then you could still try another Window Manger, perhaps it is gnome, perhaps it has something different for fullscreen games, I do not know gnome. I just know I have no issues on AwesomeWM and KDE (after I wrestled with it for while which you can read here: https://www.reddit.com/r/archlinux/comments/8rg892/terrible_game_performance_nvidia_39624_screen/e0roy66/)

Awesome window manager also doesn’t fix it. When in windowed mode the crosshair still drifts to the left.

Drift with windowed fullscreen just means you have your Aspect Ratio set wrong.

Anyways, I’m out of ideas, let me know if you fix it for yourself at some point.