Overwatch: Minimum OS windows vista pack 2

How do I fix this error? I searched and couldn’t find an answer. I can see the Blizzard window with games in it. But when I “install” Overwatch it gives me the error “Your OS: Windows XP Service Pack 3 Minimum: Windows Vista Service Pack 2”. I also tried to add from the Lutris app, but it just hangs up on the “setting windows XP mode for Wine” screen. I left it for 30 minutes and it did nothing. Any ideas?

Sorry, note: I’m on Ubuntu 16.04, fully updated.

I’m on a Ubuntu as well and I just got this working. These steps may be overly specific, but this method worked for me. TL;DR - right click Battle.net in Lutris, wine configuration, Windows 10 from the drop down menu.

Long form:

I installed Overwatch via Battle.net in Lutris, not the Overwatch installer. However, you will need to try to install Overwatch via Lutris. Let the thing fail after it reaches the Battle.net screen. You will need to do this because you need the Overwatch specific version of Wine.

Install battle.net as directed by Lutris using the default instructions. The program should appear in the Lutris application menu.

Right click the Battle.net application in the Lutris application menu. Select configure. Runner Options tab. I went with Wine Version: Wine Staging 2.8 for the install. Click save.

Right click the Battle.net application in the Lutris application menu. Go to wine configuration. A gray box should appear. On the drop down menu, select “Windows 10”. Click Apply/Ok.

Open Battle.net. Go to Overwatch and click “Try for free” and Install. If you are stuck on a big picture with no options, try clicking the X in the top right. Install Overwatch. Exit Battle.net.

Repeat the steps above about Configure and Wine Configuration, only this time use the Overwatch specific version of wine instead of Wine Staging 2.8. Set it to Windows 10 again and be sure to enable CSMT under the staging tab of the wine configuration gray window. If you don’t have the Overwatch specific version of wine, maybe try downloading it directly from the wine website. Again, I got this from a failed Lutris install of Overwatch.

Launch Battle.net. Hit “Play” in Overwatch. Your game should now run. Enjoy!

I had a similar experience. Game works technically, but its super laggy at times. The good people at Lutris, PlayonLinux, etc are still working on a high-quality Linux port, it seems. If you only have a linux machine I would not purchase Overwatch at this time. Their progress seems fast though, so check back in a few months.

Note that we are not making an Overwatch port! We are merely providing an automated way to install and setup so it will run out of the box.

We use and provide a patched version of Wine do make the game run, those patches are not available in Wine or Wine Staging yet so we have to maintain and update the builds for that.