Overwatch Haloween Patch stalled

The battlenet app started patching for the Halloween patch and then stalled about halfway. I;ve been restarting it over and over again the last few days, and all of a sudden it downloaded like 10% more, and then stalled again.

Not getting any errors from Lutris or anything. I;ve tried deleting the patch indexs and it does the same thing after redownloading them all, just stalls out. 558MB left to download at 0 bytes/s.

Any ideas short of reinstalling the game?

And if I do reinstall… is there a way to save my shader cache?

I deleted ~/Games/overwatch/drive_c/Program Files (x86)/Overwatch/casc/data/ and that forced a 14GB download which did complete. but its laggy again like its building the shader cache… oh well. at least it plays.