Overwatch Error 0xE0010160

Game: Overwatch
OS: Solus Plasma
Lutris version: 0.5.2
NVIDIA Driver: 418.56
lutris -d while experiencing error: https://hastebin.com/anahodeted.makefile
lutris --submit-issue: https://hastebin.com/tovuzokoye.cs
Inxi -F: Hastebin slash wosuzidake.makefile


INFO     2019-04-10 19:05:13,819 [startup.check_driver:58]:GPU: GeForce GTX 1060 6GB
INFO     2019-04-10 19:05:13,819 [startup.check_driver:75]:GPU: 10DE:1C03 1043:85AE using nvidia drivers
INFO     2019-04-10 19:05:13,819 [startup.check_driver:75]:GPU: 8086:1912 1043:8694 using i915 drivers

Laptop? My guess is it’s trying to use your iGPU to start OW and not the Nvidia GPU. Could you try opening the Lutris config window for OW and setting the Vulkan ICD Loader to nvidia_icd.json under the System options tab?