Overwatch - display based limit FPS

I am trying to play Overwatch and whilst I was configuring my settings my limit fps is set to display based. I have a 144hz monitor that’s 1920x1080. However when i play games (not the menu). the max fps that’s displayed is 70 fps. even though my monitor supports 144hz.

My graphics output is able to output 144hz when im on custom fps limit. However I am wondering why does overwatch believe my monitor is 60 hz instead of 144hz?


I had the same issue when I switched to 165Hz screen. Check the resolution part, it actually says resolution (refresh-rate), so it’s probably set to 1920x1080 (60), instead of 1920x1080 (144).

There’s no 144hz option for some reason :.

Do you have your monitor at 144hz outside of Overwatch?
In KDE there is a setting in the system settings, where you can also arrange your monitors. If you click your monitor, you can select the frequency.
If your DE doesn’t have something like that try xrandr.

My xrandr output is selecting the 144hz on my monitor. When i am gaming i disconnect my external monitor due since they’re mixed refresh rate and X11 still doesn’t have support for that.

mixed refresh rate and X11 still doesn’t have support for that.

That’s weird. I have two 60hz, and one 165hz monitor working fine. Arch, X11, KDE.

Hmm, I am on Pop os. X11, GNOME. I have an Nvidia - Intel combo.