Overwatch cursor going up all the time


I’m running fedora 28
First i tried to install battle.net by naked wine it worked by perfomance was poor
Then i tried lutris with DXVK, after a few tweaks everything works great and i have more then 80 fps
But my cursor moving up all the time until it reaches 90 degrees ( pointing to the sky )
And i can’t assign left ctrl ( i know that this is known issue and i need to remap my keyboard before start ) but may be someone found better solution

Could you help me with this issue

Thank you

Aspect Ratio is set wrong. If ultrawide screen, make virtual desktop with 16:09 dimensinos.

LCTRL: use LALT instead, or bind RCTRL to LCTRL using Xmodmap (or similar programs)

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Yes, i do have ultrawide 21
Could you explain how can i create virtual desktop with 16:9 ?
Thanks )

I have tried to change resolution
Only 1920x1080 with 21:9 worked but image became scaled and buttons have an offset to click

So, i have found virtual desktop on runners tab
But it only worked when i applied 1920x1080 for the desktop and game
2560x1080 not gonna work ? = (

OW doesn’t like Ultrawide it seems. So that won’t work.