Overwatch crashing regularly

Once in every 3 matches or so, the game will crash unexpectedly and display the Blizzard Error dialogue. I don’t get very much information from this, and am wondering where I can check for a more detailed log.

Has anyone else encountered this lately? Any suggestions?

GTX 1080 Ti
Kubuntu 18.04
Nvidia driver: 415 (have also tried the last 3 drivers with same results)

UPDATE: This is my crash log. Anyone have any thoughts?

Hey @gish. Would you mind posting some of your DXVK, wine, and other configurations? I’ve been playing Overwatch for months now on Ubuntu 19.04 without issue. My settings are here:

Under Runner options:

I also have set under Game Options:

Finally, under System Options:

Not sure if this will fix your issue, but I hope it helps!