Overwatch Crash and error (0xE0070180) "No compatible graphics hardware was found" - Intel + Debian and then -> Overwatch loading to main menu, but crashing after a few seconds of use on main menu

I am able to download everything on lutris just fine. The only problmes I had were installing the vulkan drives for intel, as none of the commands I used work.

I am able to login to battlenet, download overwatch (smoothly too!), but launching the game shows “No Compatible Graphics Hardware was Found Error error (0xE0070180)” with a black screen.

I know I am missing something, but not sure how to get it as all the methods I have tried have not worked, including messing around with the settings on lutris, redowloading everything, etc. I have tired searching online speciically for intel drivers, but all the answers I could find were about different drivers, things I tried but still didn’t work , or unanswered questions about the same problem I had. The wiki/github instructions I used for the installation of drivers didn’t really work for me. (adding the ppa resulted in gpg no valid OpenPGP data found, so the first step for intel didn’t work, but all the others worked, and showed everything was up to date when trying again)

I was looking around and enabled the lutris -d command and rebooted, and it somehow it launched overwatch fine. It played the intro cutscene with winston, and showed the entering game start up screen. My mouse moved perfectly, the sounds were matching up, and there was no lag. When I entered the game to the main menu, the game froze and crashed.

Any help with this?

Device: Chromebook C434 (Using Debian, Linux from Chrome OS)

Processor: Intel® Core™ i5-8200Y processor

Graphics: Integrated Intel® UHD Graphics 615

lutris -d log *crash version: https://pastebin.com/paSxY1Dv

Debug log of battlenet *crash version:https://pastebin.com/pAdwbB9n

I fixed this error on my Intel HD Graphics 4000 but now after the game launches, it will work for about 10-45 seconds saying “compiling shaders…” in bottom left corner and then the game’s graphics will freeze on the last frame and a message box will appear saying “Your rendering device has been lost. Application closing.” OR sometimes it will freeze but the game is still responsive, I can walk, move shoot. Does not matter if I am in a training lobby/game or on the main menu…

Anyways, to fix the issue your having, at the bottom of this page, there is a guide about editing Overwatch’s settings.ini to include pass your iGPU info to overwatch:

This may be helpful as well: