Overwatch + AMD + DXVK = No dice, just yet

I’m trying to get Overwatch running on an i5 2400 + r9 280x on Ubuntu 18.04 with the latest Lutris, and DXVK.

I am using the installer profile that is on Overwatch Lutris page as of this writing. This is also with Mesa 18.1.3 /w LLVM 6 (from swat repo).

Now, when I’m using the PBA method, it can get into game, but becomes unstable. So I want to switch to DXVK. The problem is, once I launch the game (from the bnet app), I get “No compatible graphics hardware was found (0xE0070160)” and I am out of ideas as to what I can do about this.

I followed the steps outlined on the installer instructions. DXVK 0.54, plus setting the PBA disable flag to 1.

What am I doing wrong?

There are 3 steps involved to use the latest drivers with an AMD card and Vulkan.

  1. Update to the latest Kernel
  2. Update Mesa with a bleeding edge PPA
  3. Install mesa-vulkan-drivers from your distro’s repositories.

Can you be more specific please?

  1. Which kernel version exactly?
  2. What PPA has the versions you’re referring to? And what version should I look for?
  3. Well, already got those.

Also, is this a requirement for what I want to do, or is this just a “to get best experience” kind of thing?

Is there any way to get DXVK going with the main repo stuff available to Ubuntu 18.04?

There’s particular reasons I would prefer to reduce the number of steps taken, so I’m trying to gauge what is needed, vs what is “preferred”. This is to contribute to instructional work I’m putting together. :wink:

The Kernel is not a requirement but the 4.15 kernels are not very stable with DXVK.

The newest the kernel, the better the drivers on the open source version. I upgraded my kernel to 4.17.x

I’m using the Oibaf PPA but any PPA that supplies Mesa git should work. It’s possible for other PPAs to also include Vulkan for AMD, but I haven’t looked at them.

Well, in my case, the game thinks no graphics card is present at all when I try to use DXVK. And I’m using the mesa vulkan package (and other vulkan packages too) from the main repo.

Before I get into improving the stability, as you say, I’m trying to get it to work at all with DXVK. So far, I’ve only got it working with the PBA method that the Lutris Overwatch script does out of the box.

For now, without upping the kernel, what am I missing?

Maybe try a newer release, start from the latest (.63)

Just tried with 0.63, same thing, no graphics hardware found.

Disable nvapi and nvapi64 in winecfg?

If it works with OpenGL, but fails when you use DXVK, you haven’t set up Vulkan correctly. Make sure you have latest mesa + vulkan ICD loader set up.

  1. not sure how to disable nvapi and nvapi64 in winecfg, is that a dll I just enter, and set disable? (Libraries tab) exactly those words? or nvapi.dll or what?
  2. I have these installed for vulkan:

So, not quite sure where I’m falling short on Vulkan, but it certainly does feel like that’s the area I’m missing something on.

Thanks for the input so far folks! Hopefully we can get this hammered out soon :slight_smile:

Add to environment variables under system options:

Key: VK_ICD_FILENAMES Value: /usr/share/vulkan/icd.d/radeon_icd.x86_64.json

I’ll try that when I get home next. What does that normally do though? Bridge the Vulkan gap or something? I suspect you’re onto something there, but is there documentation you can point me to for that facet? :slight_smile:

Ooooo I haven’t seen this one! I’ll have to check that out too when I get home. Thanks! :DDD

Looks like at least the mesa i386 ones I am missing, gonna have to comb it more later for anything else I might have missed.

Man, I can almost TASTE THIS!!!

So, turns out the thing that did it in the end, was switching from the radeon driver to the amdgpu driver. Steps outlined : https://askubuntu.com/questions/1041394/vk-error-incompatible-driver-error-with-vulkan-on-ati-sapphire-7870-running-xu

Kind of annoying there isn’t an easier way to get this shit going… guess I’ll just have to figure out a way…

Thanks for the info! :smiley: