Overwatch 144hz detection

Running Lutris-git on Arch Linux.

I’ve got Overwatch working with DXVK, but OW detects my max monitor resolution as 2560x1440@55Hz

I’ve got my desktop and nvidia-settings set to 144hz and that is clearly working.

Is there a way to get OW to detect 144hz?

Try to go for 1980 I don’t even sure u can use 144hz with ur res

Anyone who comes across this, make sure when you define your resolution you also set the refresh rate.

So for me in Nvidia X Server I set my resolution as 1920x1080 and 144hz refresh rate. Now I see 144hz options in Overwatch

Ran into a similar issue (on Ubuntu 18.04) recently when upgrading my monitor except my screen also went black when the game was fullscreened. I originally set the refresh rate from the GUI going to Settings > Displays > Refresh Rate > 144.0 hz. When looking into my nvidia settings it detected 144hz, but upon launching OW it only showed options up to 2560x1440 60hz. When I set the resolution and refresh rate manually with xrandr and relaunched OW the option to select 2560x1440 144hz appeared and the black screen in fullscreen mode went away.

Here’s the command I ran to set resolution and refresh rate manually xrandr --output USB-C-0 --mode 2560x1440 --rate 144.00. Run xrandr to know what to set the output flag for your set up.