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Outer Worlds, Crashes to desktop

When in the heat of combat, enemy NPC, next to buildings, reloading, health boost, compiling renders, whatever, the game freezes and closes to the desktop,
I got the latest stable wine, dxvk, mf-installed with epic game launcher in lutris, downloaded the game to the launcher, vulkan 64 and 32 library, esync is double the recommend amount,
i am at a lose what to do next, it does happen often but mostly happen in game battles.
Thank you

Edit: Spec:
4790k intel with cooler master 212 evo cooler
Msi 1080 oc armor
16gb HyperX RAM
Kingston 480GB SSD
MSI Z97i ac Motherboard

Without knowing your machine specs, I would suspect it to be ram or gpu related.
Good luckā€¦

I will try ram and gpu tests, also I have edited my post with PC specs, thanks.