Osiris: New Dawn input issues

Hi, I am new to the Lutris forums,

I had downloaded Osiris: New Dawn from the library in Lutris. However, I had issues with getting it to run.

Now that I have resolved those, I am now faced with another one, the keybindings section in options are completely blank. it just shows boxes where you can change the keybinding.

When I actually play the game, only some of the keybindings work such as the number row for selecting a tool/weapon/items. WASD does not work which means I am unable to move around in the environment.

The other problem is the mouse does not work at all in game, no look, no scrolling my equip list etc.

If you have any suggestions that would be great! If I can get it to work (With your help) I will post the suggestions on Lutris, to prevent headaches for anyone else.

Thanks in advance!

I found out what the problem was in the end.

I solved most of the issues, apart from the keybinding screen not showing correctly.

It turns out it was because I had my Xbox 360 controller plugged in. So I disconnected it and everything was fine.

Next issue was the performance was mad only getting a max of 30 fps! Now via some tweaking, I go above 60+!

DXVK was disabled in the configuration for this game latest version, then I enabled Enable Esync which got me the desired results above.