Origin won't launch with DXVK enabled. BFV doesnt work at all

Hey! I did a fresh install of Origin last night, and after some debugging I found that Origin will only launch if DXVK is disabled in the config menu. This however means that BFV, which launches through Origin, will not be able to use DXVK, which I believe is the entire point behind using Lutris to launch BFV. BFV doesn’t launch properly through this method anyways, as it’s a black screen.

I am using Lutris version 0.4.23, on Xubuntu 18.04 kernel 14.15.0-43 generic. Wine version installed is 3.0 but the one used in lutris is tkg-protonified-3.21-x86-64. Nvidia Driver version is 390.87.

Anyone got any fixes?

For DXVK you need at least nvidia 396.