Origin webchannel no connection

I am having an issue with origin login where it will let me put in email and password, it will tell me if i put in the wrong password but if i hit enter with the right stuff it sits at a white window.
I took a look in the debugger and when i pull up the origin login one thing that sticks out to me is

Connecting to Origin
https://eaassets-a.akamaihd.net/resource_signin_ea_com/551.0.220419.252.1a6a128/p/statics/originX/js/jquery.originX-pc-common.v_1647597522-min.js:1:9015: CONSOLE LOG [ORIGIN][WEBCHANNEL] No connection.

Does anyone have any idea as to a fix?
i have tried the install uninstall trick and reboots
i do have internet on the pc in question

Here is the pastebin with the lutris -d and the lutris --submit-issue