Origin + The Sims 4 "unknown error"

about a year ago, I ran Origin/The Sims 4 very smoothly with the tkg-4.5 launcher.
Doesn’t work anymore (details will follow).
I tried with a more recent wine version 6.10, a new wineprefix, new install of origin, etc. (using the installer from this webpage). Origin will launch, but starting The Sims 4 gives following windows error message:


Unknown error


I tried 64bit and 32bit legacy versions, with origin in game disabled.

lutris output:
I could not figure how to get full output of wine? log always shows up empty
but there are no messages related to “unknown error”, just something like that all the time:

as mentioned before, here’s what happens using tkg-4.5 (or any older wine executables): it infinitely loops following error, while the “Connecting to Origin…” window is displayed:

any ideas?
dxvk needed to be disabled btw. - despite of that no major changes to default config.