Origin stuck on white screen (The Sims 4)

I recently installed Manjaro on my sister’s laptop. She plays The Sims 4 a lot, so I tried to install it. Unfortunately, I’m stuck at a white screen after logging into Origin. The fonts are fine, since I can see text on the menu bar—it’s the main screen that remains blank.


██████████████████  ████████   maria@maria-pc 
██████████████████  ████████   -------------- 
██████████████████  ████████   OS: Manjaro Linux x86_64 
██████████████████  ████████   Host: HP 250 G6 Notebook PC 
████████            ████████   Kernel: 5.3.7-2-MANJARO 
████████  ████████  ████████   Uptime: 37 mins 
████████  ████████  ████████   Packages: 1114 (pacman) 
████████  ████████  ████████   Shell: fish 3.0.2 
████████  ████████  ████████   Resolution: 1920x1080 
████████  ████████  ████████   DE: Xfce 
████████  ████████  ████████   WM: Xfwm4 
████████  ████████  ████████   WM Theme: Matcha-sea 
████████  ████████  ████████   Theme: Matcha-sea [GTK2], Adwaita [GTK3] 
████████  ████████  ████████   Icons: Papirus-Maia [GTK2], Adwaita [GTK3] 
                               Terminal: xfce4-terminal 
                               Terminal Font: Monospace 12 
                               CPU: Intel i5-7200U (4) @ 3.100GHz 
                               GPU: AMD ATI Radeon HD 8670A/8670M/8690M / R5 M3 
                               GPU: Intel HD Graphics 620 
                               Memory: 1279MiB / 3853MiB

Here’s the Wine log: http://ix.io/21bL

There are a few things I noticed:

  • The integrated graphics card is being used. The laptop actually has a dedicated GPU, but I don’t know how to switch to it.
  • The last two messages repeat indefinitely. After trying to stop Origin, one of them stops appearing, but the other one is still alive. Seems like a zombie process running in the background, but I have no clue what it could be.

Any ideas on what could be causing the problem? I’d really like to keep her laptop running Linux since it’s much faster and she’s much more satisfied with the performance compared to Windows.

Oh, and the GPU problem persists in other games, too. Dungeon Defenders, her other favorite game, runs at abysmal framerates because of that (~15 fps afaict, but I didn’t use an fps counter so don’t take my word on that).