Orcs Must Die 2, crashes on final orc of map

New Lutris user here.
Playing “Orcs Must Die 2” in Wine-Steam, it runs great until the final orc of the last orc wave. When I kill him, the expected behavior is a score board drops down into the screen. But sadly the game immediately exits to Desktop. It consistently crashes at this point.
I tried with “Staging 3.6” and got same result.

I installed Lutris on Fedora 27 using the “openSUSE Build Service”.
Hardware: Core i5, 16GB RAM, GTX 1070

EDIT: Found Winedb info about this: https://bugs.winehq.org/show_bug.cgi?id=32989

The WineHQ issue seems like it’s linked indeed. Maybe try reviving the report by sending some logs produced with the current Wine version (3.8).

I can also confirm the crash on my setup.

I’ve also looked at the Steam forums and some Windows users have the same problem.

Since it crashes when the scoreboard should appear, had a hunch it maybe related to OMD2 talking to Steam. So instead of starting the game directly from Lutris, I right clicked on the Wine-Steam runner and clicked “Run” to open Steam. Then from inside Steam Library page I ran OMD2. This seems to prevent this specific crash. I’ve played several maps tonight successfully. So I guess OMD2 needs the Steam client in the background, for communication about the final map score.
I think this might be solved for me.

Nice! I tested that and it appears to be working quite nicely, no crash so far!

I updated the install script to add the nolaunch: true option, which is equivalent to your solution.