OpenDungeons installer for 0.6.0 (64bit) (linux) crashes

Hello community,

I tried to install Open Dungeons, because I enjoyed the old Dungeon Keeper a lot :smiley:
But the OpenDungeons installer for 0.6.0 (64bit) (linux) crashes with “Download interrupted”.

On the offical website, there is already the 0.7.1 I’ll try to install this manually and then update the installer. is missing and I don’t find a way to install it…

I’ve updated your installer to fix 2 issues:

The file available for download has a tar.bz2 extension when it’s really a tar.gz so I added the ‘format: tgz’ parameter

I found on RPMFind and hosted it on, it’s now extracted in the lib folder.

The game now installs and runs fine :raised_hands: :+1:

The Download still crashes with “Download interrupted” randomly. Could this be the same issue which it is with my blizzard classic games (when the Downloader opens, it just stays by 0% like forever)? Something with internet/VPN Connection?

Maybe it’s the fact that it’s hosted on a FTP. I’ll host the file on, it should work better.

Update: the installer is updated and the file is available here:

Installation out of Lutris works now, thank you :smiley:

The game crashed after a couple of minutes, but Lutris is working well now :slight_smile:

That’s great! Well it would be even better if the game didn’t crash but that’s probably an issue to be reported upstream.

Actually the missing is an upstream issue, but bundling one from RPMFind might be asking for trouble as it might not be compatible with the one from my chroot.

I’ve fixed 0.7.1 binaries locally, and will upload them upstream soon. I think it would be better to rely on the upstream tarball directly instead of having to maintain your own - any issue with the tarball should be fixed upstream, as Lutris’ needs are the same as static distribution outside of it.

Also, I’m a bit puzzled by “The file available for download has a tar.bz2 extension when it’s really a tar.gz so I added the ‘format: tgz’ parameter”. It’s really supposed to be a tar.bz2 :slight_smile:

Ah you’re right:

[akien@cauldron opendungeons]$ file OpenDungeons-0.6.0-Linux64.tar.bz2 
OpenDungeons-0.6.0-Linux64.tar.bz2: bzip2 compressed data, block size = 900k
[akien@cauldron opendungeons]$ file OpenDungeons-0.7.1-Linux64.tar.bz2 
OpenDungeons-0.7.1-Linux64.tar.bz2: gzip compressed data, last modified: Mon Sep  5 18:18:58 2016, from Unix

Will also fix that when updating the new tarball :slight_smile:

I did take the version from the latest Mageia :smiley: (not even knowing that you where maintaining OpenDungeons! :open_mouth:)

Should now be fixed with the new upstream tarball, and the new lutris installer.

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Played it yesterday, everything is fine :smiley:

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