Only nightly versions of DXVK?

Hey so I’m not sure when this change happened, but I noticed that the only DXVK versions I can set (except… manual?) in Lutris appear to be nightly builds, based on their naming. 1.7 and 1.7.1 and 1.7.2 nightly builds. I can’t choose earlier versions, or just actual release versions (I want 1.7.2. release, not a nightly).

What’s up with this and how can I actually get release versions going? I tried typing in 1.7.2 manually and it said it couldn’t download it. :frowning:

Install 1.7.2 locally into the wine prefix you need it.

Completely defeating the point of having DXVK version settings in the first place… smh

You don’t need to install dxvk in the wine prefix, just download from github and extract into Lutris’s runtime folder, in the games dxvk setting enter the folder name.

I do this for farcry4 and primal, download and extract dxvk 1.4.4 into runtime and type 1.4.4 in the game’s dxvk version box.

Again, that completely defeats the point of having built-in DXVK capabilities. When it was added to Lutris, it originally would let you pick release versions of DXVK from the DXVK github repo directly, download and install it for you. Having to manually download and “install” them into Lutris, completely defeats the reason it was added in the first place. Making it convenient to work with DXVK inside Lutris.

This needs to be corrected, as nightly versions of DXVK cause problems for less experienced users (not me).