Has anyone tried to get Microsoft OneNote running?

The results from winedb all seem pretty old, so I was hoping maybe it would be possible now.

Now that gaming is doing well on Linux I am trying to move 100% back over, but I really can’t find a replacement for OneNote (and the web version is terrible). Would really love to see this up and running.

I’m not sure this has much to do with Lutris (as it’s intended for videogames)…
But you can probably do a websearch to find both a community open-source multiplatform client and guides for the Wine install.

Now, if you’re at the stage of considering, and this app is important, you should try installing your chosen Linux distribution on a virtual machine (VirtualBox or something) and fiddle with it until you find a way to get the app running (as it’s likely the only way to know for sure).

Alternatively (depending on what you need the program for), you can try Zim or some other alternative.

I am using the P3X-OneNote client for the moment, and it more or less gets the job done. I am dissatisfied with it mostly because it is slow and lacks the dark theme the real 2016 client gives.

I wouldn’t normally have asked if the Lutris community had managed to get something like this working, however I noticed that the Lutris database lists a bunch of non-game ‘tools’, for example Microsoft Word and Excel.

Hopefully they will improve their web client, release a native Linux client, or even better a great OneNote/Evernote alternative will show up. (Not super enthused with the current alternatives)

Thank you very much for your thoughtful reply :slight_smile:

The most popular note taking apps that can be used as OneNote alternative and runs on Linux are Obsidian, Joplin, SimpleNote, Standard Notes, Roam Research, Workflowy, Dynalist, and etc.