Offline/Local Gog Installer

When using Lutris I’ve noticed that a high majority of gog scripts ask for you to login into gog and download games. The problem with that is that people with bad/satellite internet can’t afford those data rates. For example I have 800 GB of gog games stored locally, but it’s a rare chance with Lutris that I can utilize that data I have stored locally.
Maybe they’re is a way that I’m not aware of, but how would would you link local game files to a game installation with Lutris?
Luckily steam backup works amazingly well, but I try to lean toward gog drm free practices.
On a side not is anyone aware of how you could download distro updates?
If I’m to put a distro on a PC, I would much rather download the OS update at a starbucks and bring it home to run the update on the pc locally. Rather then wasting data by downloading the os update from home.
Where I’m at once you download about 20 GB your internet is near broken.

The easiest way is to download the script and modify him to not do the install and u can do it with wine or vm or whatever. The script are pretty easy to understand. And also like that if u play some hacked game it will also work.

Try following the instructions here:

That sounds like a good fix, I’ve done one thing that has partially worked.

I’ve installed the lutris GOG Galaxy

Then installed games in windows

then moved the installed games onto a ext4 hard drive

launched gog-galaxy in lutris, scan/import location of install gog games

then gog-galaxy sucked up all the games/ provides updates/ cloud saves

Basically all games running through one wine prefix/ in a way this is an issue, but in a way it’s not because mass majority of games work under the same version’s of wine and that will only improve over time.

games ability to work is a lot like steamplay hit or miss,

for me shadow warrior 2 and the Witcher 3 worked easily, but Divinity Original Sin 2 kept crashing in gog-galaxy, but not in lutirs.

I think in the longer run lutris needs to be better at asking users for local installers and or detecting both installers or just games.

The word “install” is almost a bad word

I can literally dump an installed version of the witcher 3 onto a usb, move to another pc, point to the folder and any os could boot the game if properly configured. The issue is is 95% of games won’t be configured properly per system basis.

Linux gaming is continually more rocky experience than it’s made out to be, but at the same time some smart reconfiguration could make it an absolute monster of an experience because of DXVK and Vulkan.

I think lutris would be amazing if you could just click install and then lutris ask you to point to a game on a pc and just re-config as needed per system basis or off course ask to install from gog/steam/etc.

Part of what I’m saying is you don’t even need an installer just the game folder with game inside

Gog installers are good for moving files because they’re contained in a zip beyond that they’re not needed

I say all this to point out how Lutris can be a better user experience and continually add more casual user to the world of linux and linux gaming.

Let’s face it, making the world a better place is smart people making smart things easy for dummies :slight_smile:

so dummies stop using dummy thing’s like wind blows

keep up the good work

I think it is a feature to add to Lutris: in Gog options, users could set “download games directly from GOG” to ON or OFF. It will be a good feature for foreign gamers too: Lutris installs only english game version from Gog, gamers can not choose language before it downloads game setup. With this feature gamers could download the game from Gog site in their preferred language then install it locally with Lutris.


I can confirm the reddit post works

I found that I had to recreate the game folder that lutris made because it just deletes everything when you cancel

example: /darksiders-warmastered-edition/gog

then dropped my installer in gog folder

re-ran the installer and everything worked

my next step is to move game folder to another pc and see if I can get the game running offline with just manual adding the game in lutris.

That way on future distro install I can just add game folder to lutris and make sure have and use same version of wine for the game. Given you can always try different wines.

If this topic is still active…

You can go with “add game” in left corner, than insert name of game, a point to “” or something like that, than start game and local installer with start. Choose where to install game, and after everything is done, just change path in that added game to “” game runner…

That’s just the regular install-by-hand way; you can easily set up any game from any source like that, and then just add the shortcut into Lutris. The Lutris install scripts include fixes/patches/etc. when needed (to make games unsupported by devs playable on modern Linux, for example).

Thanx for reply… I am new in Linux gaming (Linux user since 2003 but new in gaming on Linux) :slight_smile:
Some games working better that way, I do not know why… For example Brutal Legend… BTW, that is for new topic…