Offline Installer for ROMs

Currently, I don’t have a reliable internet connection and all the games my family and I own are stored on our NAS. I saw Lutris now allows offline installer json files. So I’m taking advantage of this. For Absolute Drift, for example, I have these in the same directory as the installer:


pkill lutris

SCRIPT_DIR=$( cd -- "$( dirname -- "${BASH_SOURCE[0]}" )" &> /dev/null && pwd )


lutris -i "$SCRIPT_DIR"/lutris.json

and lutris.json

{"count":1,"next":null,"previous":null,"results":[{"id":28451,"game_id":4917,"game_slug":"absolute-drift","name":"Absolute Drift","year":2015,"user":"fa2ee33b1b0a064576adfe36c88afbfd","runner":"wine","slug":"absolute-drift-gog","version":"GOG","description":null,"notes":"","credits":"","created_at":"2021-07-05T03:04:51.139000Z","updated_at":"2021-12-21T02:57:32.381733Z","draft":false,"published":true,"published_by":51687,"rating":"","is_playable":null,"steamid":320140,"gogid":null,"gogslug":"","humbleid":"","humblestoreid":"","humblestoreid_real":"","script":{"game":{"exe":"drive_c/GOG Games/Absolute Drift/absolutedrift.exe","gogid":1136126792,"prefix":"$GAMEDIR"},"installer":[{"task":{"name":"create_prefix","prefix":"$GAMEDIR"}},{"task":{"args":"/NOCANCEL /SP- /SUPPRESSMSGBOXES","executable":./Absolute Drift (GOG) (1.0f 47863) (Windows amd64).exe,"name":"wineexec","prefix":"$GAMEDIR"}}]},"content":"game:\n  exe: drive_c/GOG Games/Absolute Drift/absolutedrift.exe\n  gogid: 1136126792\n  prefix: $GAMEDIR\ninstaller:\n- task:\n    name: create_prefix\n    prefix: $GAMEDIR\n- task:\n    args: /NOCANCEL /SP- /SUPPRESSMSGBOXES\n    executable: ./Absolute Drift (GOG) (1.0f 47863) (Windows amd64).exe\n    name: wineexec\n    prefix: $GAMEDIR\n"}]}

The json files I download from the Lutris database and modify from there. For the most part, it’s been working out great. It’s a bit annoying having to kill Lutris for every install so cd properly works for the install script, but oh well. The main issue I’ve been running into is with installing ROMs. Lutris seems to handle them a bit differently and doesn’t ask what directory it wants the game copied to. Is there a string I can add to the json file to force it to trigger asking for the game directory?