NVME not showing up

My secondary NVMe is not showing up in Lutris but shows up and works fine with Steam and my File Manager. Any help would be appreciated.


Huh. Weird. The output does show an NVME. Curious- how did you install Lutris? Was it from the distro package manager? Is it from snap/flathub or anything else like that?

I ran into access and permissions issues with Discord as I installed it from Snap (at least I think that’s what it was) and by default access to apps is extremely limited. Had to run a command to expose certain directories that I needed to access.

It came pre-installed on my distro (Garuda Dragonized) I did have a 2TB HDD installed about a month ago and it showed up just fine. This second NVME has been in for about a month now. But I just find it weird that it works just fine in Steam but not Lutris?

Make sure the drive is mounted properly