Nvidia shader cache inside lutris

Hi everyone!

I need a little help to configure a nvidia shader cache inside lutris, follow the wiki help I can enable or disable nvidia shader cache, but I want to creat a path for each game that i have here, anybody can give a example how to do this inside lutris, other question is according wiki nvidia cache has a maximum 128mb shared across the games, theres a way to increase this or isn’t necessary to do this, Thansk all…

The right way to set this is like in this screenshot???

__GL_SHADER_DISK_CACHE_PATH: $GAMEDIR That creates a shader folder in the game directory. You can change $GAMEDIR to whatever file path you want just make sure the folder exists or it won’t create a cache.

Thanks, but sorry my stupid request, can you send me a print of the path inside lutris?
I think I can do something wrong cause don’t work here…

Here’s an example of what he means, you can allter the ‘value’ to your $GAMEDIR or any other existing folder location

tks a lot, I lost your message here!

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