Nvidia Geforce Now constant 0xC0F52132

it says to keep trying after getting this error but I have tried launching repeatedly for an hour straight, it was working last night. Running Arch 5.8 anyone have any suggestions?

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Same problem.
sometimes it works fine, sometimes all time this error
(Elementary os hera)

I was trying for a bit more than an hour and still no luck. I ended up deleting it.

I didn’t get it to start any game at all.

I got it to stop having the error by logging into a windows version of nvidia GeForce then signing out. Then I signed back up into my arch instal, and it worked again.

Have you read this on nvidia? Are you maybe using a newer driver?


I get the same error: Error Code: 0xC0F1103F

Edit: Got it working, it seems like Canonical dropped the vdpau-va-driver from 20.04 I installed it from 18.04 and seems to work now.