NVEncc.exe won't start (Lutris error on CUDA)

Hi all, thanks to have been let me join to the Lutris community.
I was start “playing” with settings and games in order to start them successfully.
At the moment I am stuck with a Rigaya rip util, based on Nvidia SDK code.
Well, I am not able to succeed to launch a command line because the Launcer Lutris 6.0 seems not recognizing my CUDA. (below the evidences I collected).
Could you please help me?
Thanks a lot in advance

Evidence that Lutris recognize Nvidia 2060 (I have also CUDA tools installed by my Fedora 33 OS side->accordingly with ‘nvidia-smi’ command->CUDA Version: 11.2)

[blablabla@localhost ~]$ lutris
2021-03-03 14:56:50,411: Your version of python-magic is too old.
2021-03-03 14:56:50,574: Initializing lutris
2021-03-03 14:56:50,908: Downloading DXVK releases to /home/blablabla/.local/share/lutris/runtime/dxvk/dxvk_versions.json
2021-03-03 14:56:50,910: Runtime updated. Initialization complete.
2021-03-03 14:56:50,911: Lutris
2021-03-03 14:56:50,911: Using NVIDIA drivers 460.39 for x86_64
2021-03-03 14:56:50,912: GPU: GeForce RTX 2060
2021-03-03 14:56:50,912: GPU: 10DE:1F11 1028:08EC (nvidia drivers)
2021-03-03 14:56:50,912: GPU: 8086:3E9B 1028:08EC (i915 drivers)
MESA-INTEL: warning: Performance support disabled, consider sysctl dev.i915.perf_stream_paranoid=0
(lutris:59149): Gdk-CRITICAL **: 14:56:51.788: gdk_window_thaw_toplevel_updates: assertion ‘window->update_and_descendants_freeze_count > 0’ failed
2021-03-03 14:57:20,796: Shutting down Lutris
[blablabla@localhost ~]$

LUTRIS Error log during the bath launch for NVEncc.exe(by rigaya)

Running gamemoderun /home/blablabla/.local/share/lutris/runners/wine/lutris-6.0-x86_64/bin/wine cmd /C /home/luke/Desktop/txt/batch/NVEncc.bat
Initial process has started with pid 62167
Start monitoring process.
wineserver: using server-side synchronization.

E:\txt\batch>E:\install\NVencc\new\NVEncC_5.29_x64\NVEncC64.exe -i “E:\rip\bluray\MainMovie\ghost_in_the_shell(2017).m2ts” -o “E:\rip\bluray\MainMovie-10-ghost_in_the_shell(2017).mkv” -c hevc --qp-init 15:15:15 --profile main10 --cbrhq 6144 --multipass 2pass-full --lookahead 32 --bframes 2 --aq --aq-strength 0 --audio-codec ac3 --audio-bitrate 384 --cuda-schedule auto --preset quality


cuvidInit error:0x3e7 (CUDA_ERROR_UNKNOWN)
Failed to initialize CUDA.
Failed to find required function "cuvidGetDecoderCaps" in n
E:\txt\batch>REM E:\install\NVencc\new\NVEncC_5.29_x64\NVEncC64.exe -i "E:\rip\bluray\MainMovie\ghost_in_the_shell(2017).m2ts" -o "E:\rip\bluray\MainMovie\-10-ghost_in_the_shell(2017).mkv" -c hevc --qp-init 15:15:15 --profile
main10 --cbrhq 6144 --multipass 2pass-full --lookahead 32 --bframes 2 --aq --aq-strength 0 --audio-codec ac3 --audio-bitrate 384 --cuda-schedule auto --preset quality 
Monitored process exited.
Initial process has exited (return code: 256)
All monitored processes have exited.
Exit with returncode 256