Numerous scripts waiting for validation

I wrote a lot of scripts this past months, I’m happy to contribute and help Linux gamers to install easily their games, without have to tweaks several hours before to play. But there is a problem: a lot of my scripts are not validate for several weeks, some waiting validation for more than one month, could a Lutris moderator help me?

This is the links to the scripts I wrote waiting for validation: Wine CD Director’s Cut MULTI 5 EU version Wine DVD version Wine GOG Gold + Patch 227i Wine GOG + WIDESCREEN Wine GOG + Tchernobog version and Wine GOG + Devilutionx win32 version Wine GOG version Wine GOG + DxWnd version Wine GOG DxWnd (please correct game gog download link: it download the Linux game install instead of the windows one) all 3 scripts (please erase Rune Classic page, Rune is a game, Rune Classic is a version of this game) Wine CD + DXWND + THF version and Linux CD version

Thank you for your help.

I’m fairly sure the page for this game was autogenerated based on the Steam registry (in which Rune is distributed under this name… guess they wanted to distribute Halls of Valhalla separately or there was another game called Rune, dunno). This kind of stuff happens with other games as well (at least with GOG, there’s games like Pillars of Eternity which have multiple versions which are detected as having different IDs and this causes problems for owners of non-default version).

In this case, I suspect they’d want to merge your page with the existing one as it’s already associated with a steam ID (and a bunch of people have it already).

…Are you sure they accept Windows + Linux installers now? I believe they didn’t want Windows version when Linux version exists last time I checked.

On the Lutris website it says:


According to legluondunet’s description, the “Linux” version of Enclave offered on is actually just the Windows version running through an outdated bundled copy of WINE. It would make sense to offer a Lutris installer that would install the Windows version with a more up-to-date copy of WINE.

Considering that some things work only on certain versions of Wine (broken by a “more up-to-date” release), I wouldn’t say that a Wine release should be considered “outdated” unless it actually doesn’t work on modern systems anymore.

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Sure but we already have a way of handling that, which is to specify a specific version of WINE in the Lutris installer if it is required. I imagine the wine bundled with Enclave doesn’t support DXVK/Proton either.

And using the bundled (presumably 32bit) version of WINE will be a problem when Ubuntu drops 32-bit package support in 20.10.