Now Origin will not load either

I followed directions: Topic “Please read before asking for help”

And now Origin and/or Wine and/or Lutris and/or the logs posting app will not load.

First time run:
Followed the walkthru on this:


This was successful without problems.

Then installed Origin and logged into my account, downloaded installed C&C Tiberium Wars 3.
This was also free of any problems.

First time run:
All the pieces seemed to run normal up to this point.

I was able to navigate the user screens normally, and set the game option(s) -
screen(s) (i.e. increased screen from default 600×800 to 1440×990 resolution) and set custom graphics parameters settings to ‘MEDIUM’ without any noticeable bugs, or
navigational errors.

I then navigated to a ‘Training(scenario)’ menu item. The navigation and battle scene elements were normal until time to maneuver the playable starting units.
The units, by themselves; were ‘INVISIBLE’ on the battle map. However the battle map elements, and menus and HUD worked as normal, including showing the selected
playable units’ status, and character avatar windows. The HUD ‘Radar’ also displayed all units visible AND these invisible units as well.

The computer controlled character units behaved ‘INVISIBLE’ just the same as the player controlled units, although
all the units were invisible, but they could still be selected and interacted with the unit menus, could be destroyed as if normal gameplay.

Note: The “Construction Yard” character unit, started as an ‘Invisible’ unit. But you could select and then maneuver the unit into placing, unfolding into its ‘built/building’ (i.e. It remained invisible until deployment into permanent building) therefor visible as normal.

Bottom line:
Playable characters (including AI controlled) were invisible, when they all should be visible. The rest of the navigable and user elements seemed normal/functioning.
2nd note: There are ‘STEALTH’ units in C & C Tiberium Wars 3 but these are not introduced until several campaign unlocked scenes after this ‘INTRO’ scene, and they DO NOT STAY INVISIBLE.

It was after this short session that when clicking on Origin Error Report and/or Origin that these
fail to open. Lutris, same story. Wine, same story.

Cannot post:

because the app Lutris or this diagnostic refuses to open.

The only cloud hosting service that I can post (logs) is IMGUR or GOOGLE DRIVE.

Otherwise, I have to do a complete wipe of my SSD or try to uninstall all apps piece by piece, until Ubuntu decides it is happy.
Please help dont want to wipe if possible.
Just ask me how I can help, if at all possible. I am somewhat TECH but I’m not a engineer.

Can I just post short text logs to this forum thread instead?