[Not Lutris] Converting Steam Dosbox titles for Linux play?

I know this isn’t something specific to lutris, but I was curious if anyone knew how to play Steam purchased DOSBox wrapped games in Linux. I’ve got these physical games, but I’ve only realized now out of the years I’ve owened them that they’re only demos:

I do own the Tomb Raider games on Steam, but they don’t load in SteamWine. The DOSBox prompt opens for a quick few seconds, then crashes.

Is there a way to use the native DOSBox to play the games purchased on Steam?

Not sure what these games on Steam look like, but go to their installation directory (steam library page, go to game, on the right hand side you see a gear, click it and select browse local files)

Then copy these in a new folder to avoid corrupting your installation, and from lutris select the cross on the top elft to add new game manually. Set the runner to dosbox and then find the executable file in the new folder you copied the files.

Might work, this is how I move my GOG games