Non-libre games marked as “fully libre”

Some of the games marked as fully libre [1] on Lutirs’ website are not fully libre. This concerns Katawa Shoujo [2], which runs on a libre engine, but all own game content (including software) is non-libre, and Simutrans [3], whose licence [4] does not premit charging money for the software, and is not approved by the FSF [5].

I have not found a way to correct these errors myself. Could someone with the capability please do so, or explain to me how to do so, if it can be done after all?

  1. lutris:net/games/?q=&fully-libre-filter=on
  2. lutris:net/games/katawa-shoujo/
  3. lutris:net/games/simutrans/
  4. github:com/aburch/simutrans/blob/master/simutrans/license.txt
  5. gnu:org/licenses/license-list.en.html#ArtisticLicense

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Done and done.