No man's sky and bad format

Just trying NMS from and I’m running into this error

wine: Bad EXE format for C:\GOG Games\No Mans Sky\Binaries\NMS.exe.

I can run the game from the command line outside of lutris, so I’m assuming the EXE is in fact okay. but I want to use Lutris for the better handling of the monitors

I’m using Fedora …whatever the latest is and the KDE desktop
I’ve tried running Lutris from the CLI and only get the same output

What else can I try?

Bad EXE format usually means you are trying to run a 64bit game in a 32bit Wine prefix.

ah, that would make sense.
I tried the installer and then manually using the terminal

WINEPREFIX=/home/dthomas/Games/NMS WINEARCH="win64" NMS-installer.exe

to set up the prefix then manually set up lutris (in case others have this issue too)

I have updated the GOG installer to use a 64bit prefix, any workaround are no longer necessary.

awesome, :smiley: I will try it later today