No Login AND no "Forgot Password"-Mail

Hi there,

my brother is in a ridicoluos situation as he has forgotten his password so he can post in this forum to get help.

He opened up an account Mika_Rocks (and wrote down a wrong password).
Now we recognized that seems to be unsupported Email Provider, but he had put in a GMX.NET Email, but never seemed to confirm that email, as he didn ever get an email from Lutris.
Now when you go to “Register” to open up e new account for Mika_Rocks (to use an supported email-provider) then of course it is not possible to use that name as it says “already in use”

How can he solve this? He simply wants to change his email-address to then set up a new password, to make everything going.
Thanks for your help in advance!

Hi, I think this is not possible. Username is identification for login, just use another or in settings change email :wink: