No installed Steam games show up (Steam/Proton)

No installed Steam games at all show up. I installed Street Fighter V (Proton) and L4D2 + Factorio (native Linux games) in Steam but they won’t show up in Lutris. What’s going on?
Also I can’t put my Lutris games (currently “Blobby Volley 2” and “Dungeon Keeper 2”) into Steam to see them there in big picture mode since when being in the “add game” dialog of Steam, which puts me to the /user/share/applications/ directory, Lutris is not there. And yes, I have selected All Files from the dropdown following this guide:

Please help.

Original post:
I installed Steam for Linux (the native one) and from within Steam I installed Street Fighter V, since it runs perfectly fine with Proton now.
However, it appears in my Startmenu (Cinnemon Mint) but it won’t appear in Lutris.

Since I’ve installed Steam, I clicked on the refresh button in Lutris next to the Steam icon and it showed me all my Steam games but as every other game there, Street Fighter V is grey and appears as not installed although it is.

Any ideas how to get it into my games list? I love using Lutris as a general launcher for everything. :slight_smile:

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I think the breakage happened on a recent Lutris update, all the games I had installed before about a week ago are showing up in Lutris, but any new games I have installed (IE Cyberpunk 2077) aren’t showing up, even after syncing with Steam in Lutris, restarting, ect.

Yes, it just sucks really really hard that the import dialog has been removed.