No graphics while running StarCraft

Hi there,

I have installed and follows every steps of the installation guide for StarCraft. Vulkan, Wine, etc., every dependencies are installed.

I successfully installed, installed StarCraft, etc.

Everything works perfectly, except that when StarCraft launches, the only thing I miss is the graphics… I have the sound playing, the cursor (green arrow) and I can navigate with the keyboard. However, I do not see anything…

I really dont know how to solve it. I have been searching for hours now and I really dont know what is wrong :frowning:

Any help would be greatly appreciated… When I run vkcube, I see the cube running…


Lutris version = 0.5.6
Wine version = wine-5.5 (Staging)
Distribution = Arch Linux
Graphic cards = Intel Integrated graphics

Are you sure you can run the game with your integrated graphic card from intel? what model is it?

You may try to run the game windowed with some low resolution just to see whether your card can handle it. Not sure if this is the best approach but I would probably do this.

I just switch from a HDD to a SDD.
Did the exact installation and guidelines.
I was able to play SC when I had a HDD, now it is just on a SDD.

I do not really know what to do.

I finally found the problem.
My GDM session was configured to use Wayland which causes my BroodWar graphics to not shows.

Use X11 and everything is now fine.

Thanks !