No GOG ID for the game Slipstream?


I am trying to create my first script for the game Slipstream.

I want to make a GOG Linux script. If I download the draft of my script and use it with lutris -i slipstream-gog.yaml, then I get this error: “Unable to get the game from GOG: The installer has no GOG ID!”. See

So, I manually edit the yaml script to include "gogid":1099471765 and "gogslug":"slipstream" and it worked :smile:

I don’t know why Lutris does not know the GOG ID of this game… Is there something I can do?

I had similar problem with Heroes Chronicles : missing id in the install script. After downloading it and adding that gogid to the script i managed to install it locally. Now I can’t do that through the website, because I don’t see gogid in the website editor. I’d like to contribute or help in testing the install script for Heroes Chronicles so if you could share your experience with Slipstream I’d be thankful.

–> Slipstream has already a GOG id
–> GOG id just set for Heroes Chronicles : All chapters