No gamepad found with proton game setup

Since a recent steam update and an update to Ubuntu 22.04 I have to run a game (Rocksmith 2014) via Lutris to get wineasio/jack to work properly (connect with jack server).

The game has been added to Lutris as follows:

  • Runner: Wine
  • Excecutable: exe from steamapps folder of the game
  • Work directory: steamapps folder of the game
  • Wine prefix: pfx folder of the game in compdata
  • Wine version: (custom) wine exec in bin folder of the steam proton in use

Due to this setup I have to start Steam before the game can be executed, this is done in a pre-launch script, which works as it should. Steam is then shut down again in the exit script.

The game runs fine and all features work as they should but for the life of me I can’t manage to get a gamepad to be recognized in it. When using the game in Steam the gamepad is detected properly.

lutris -d output: Ubuntu Pastebin
game log (debug enabled) : Ubuntu Pastebin

I couldn’t upload the issue report, btw.

Would be nice to get some help on this :slight_smile:

I put the issue report on pastebin Ubuntu Pastebin