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No fonts displayed on wine steam login



I have installed Lutris on Opensuse 15 and have wine staging 3.17 installed, no matter what i try when i try to launch Wine Steam it displays no text in the logon screen and typing in to the boxes shows nothing. I installed corefonts using winetricks but that did not work.

Any help appreciated - i did use the search feature and appears only one other had this issue and they resolved it by chosing another version of wine - i’ve tried that to no avail.



resolved - just unchecked prefer system libraries in preference.


This is not a solution and this does not help to improve the project.


This didnt work for me. I concur with strider that this is not a cure all solution and doesnt help.


Sorry - the solution worked for my issue and that is what i was responding to - i did not say that this was a ‘cure all’.

I followed up with a resolved post thinking it may help someone who had the same issue as me but if this doesn’t help then feel free to delete the post, did not intent to upset anyone.


The thing you should have done is posted the output of lutris -d. Without that the source of the issue cannot be pinpointed and then fixed.