No Audio on any local installed Games (Arch)

Ive read guide after guide for both wine and lutris, but haven’t found a solution. I use pulse audio, sound for games through steam, Epic Games, ect work fine, but when I play local installed games I hear absolutelly nothing. That’s for both my bluetooth headphones and laptop speakers. Any help would be nice, and I’m willing to give more info if/when needed.

Are you using pipewire? I have been playing The Witcher Wild Hunt along with Cyberpunk 2077, after installing the new DLC for CP2077 I had no audio while Witcher still sounded great, solution was to install pipewire-alsa. Now audio is perfect.

I had that installed yes, I just tries to switch completely over to pipe wire instead of pulse audio to see if I could get pipewire to work for it. It still doesn’t work for me.