Nhl 09

I’d like to get a NHL 09 running. I don’t think it is available in Lutrix ATM. It is available from Origin, and as I already have FIFA 19 running from there, my first attempt was to simply try to use the same prefix as FIFA. After a bit of experimenting, NHL wasn’t working, and I had messed up FIFA as well. :roll_eyes:

Obviously, each Origin game must have its own prefix.

Having reinstalled FIFA, what is the best way of getting NHL 09 running? I’m guessing something like downloading a vanilla Origin script and modifying it?

I see the scripts are available as YAML and JSON. Does it make a difference which version I try to modify?

Is the only way of trying a script to start lutrix with:

lutrix -i </path/to/script>



You could probably try installing origin with another origin prefix for example this one https://lutris.net/games/battlefield-4/