Newbie's question: How to use multiple Playonlinux inside Lutris?

Hi there,

I would like to be able use multiple PlayonLinux within a Lutris. Something like, installing each game on PlayonLinux, which is installed on a Lutris. If I need to install another game, I would install another Playonliunx, which is installed on the same Lutris.

Is this possible?

I like your software :slight_smile:


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combining playonlinux with lutris doesn’t really make much sense to me

between scripts and lutris wine configs i don’t see how adding playonlinux to the mix will help anything

Right now, Lutris allows me to install one PlayonLinux within Lutris, and it is so convenient. However, multiple games within one PlayonLinux within one Lutris is kind of a mess. I thought it might be more convenient if I can install PlayonLinux multiple times.

Do you know you can use one PlayonLinux within Lutris?

Thank you.

Or you meant multiple games within a Playonlinux, within a Lutris is correct way to do it?

Thank you.

It seems that you can only install PoL once per Lutris installation so multiple games within PoL in Lutris seems to be the way to go (like for Epic Games).

Right now, Lutris’s configuration would affect all the game bottles within PlayonLinux. Is this the right way to work, however?

Thank you.