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New World [releasing May 25th 2021] any way to play on Ubuntu 20.04?

Hello, community!

I have a love for Linux and FOSS but also a requirement to play certain games on my decent gaming desktop. The game I am looking forward to most is New World, which will be coming out on May 25th, 2021. I played the preview in August/September 2020 and I was impressed but waiting for crucial improvements. I joined a guild just for NW and have stuck with them.
If NW isn’t supported by Lutris or other services, I will likely dual-boot or worse, reinstall Windows. This isn’t a threat.

Is there any likelihood that Lutris will support NW as soon as it launches?

It appears that New World uses Easy Anti-Cheat. I read an article that says that Lutris does not support Easy Anti-Cheat. NW is on Steam so it’s possible that Proton will support this, but Lutris will not?
I think this article is relevant: Article on EAC and Wine/Proton

If GamingOnLinux is talking about it working on some games, Lutris should also be involved somehow, I hope.

Thanks for reading!

+1 - Excited for this game, would love to play on Linux without having to boot into Windows :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s coming out next week! :crossed_fingers: