New webste tidy up stuff, security note

Firstly new page is sexy and i love it, but +1 to putting a forum link back in the title bar.

I didn’t want to post this on git as it’s not exactly an issue. just have some tools that give some good feed back in relation to best practice for a website, also helps with SEO and stuff. Just little things to tidy up.

  1. CDN/caching, we are only caching browser side for 4 hours on most images. would be better to push that out to 24. Keeps load times down when people are moving around the site, multiple days in a row. Looks like cloudflare is not managing to do full compression on all assets as well.

  2. Sitemap.xml / sitemap.html are missing from the site, like the favicon they should sit in the root.

  3. The new carousel images are taking 3+ seconds to load in, pushing the full load time of the site out. Unsure why, except looks like we are failing to use progressive rendering on one of them.

  4. is one of the largest assets on the page, if not the largest. Can we shrink it a little? because that’s a lot of java.

also see links below for source of info and some other little issues. results
Nibbler Skiltide results

also on a security side of things, we should lock down the server IP ports 80/443 to cloudflare only and move the other sites on the box to cloudflare. only took a few clicks and a curl to confirm what the origin IP for the site is and that’s bad if any one ever decides to attack the site.

Also happy to help with infra stuff if and extra set of hands is needed/welcome.

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Still should. Strider’s too busy to come on the forums often.

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Will do

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