New to linux, figured out and got wow working, but a small coppy fps

I’m still kinda new to linux, but learning more and more and also in school for cyber security. But using manjaro KDE and figured out the installing of world of warcraft with this wonderful program. But as I’m in the game, I get great fps but every so often theres a bit of a chop or jerk as your moving, then goes back to normal. If this is something I can figure out, I’m thinking I might switch to Manjaro full time!

Any ideas?

Thank you

Hi, what version of wine are you running? Do you have dxvk enabled and did you install via the script from the Lutris website?

Could you also expand on your system specs?

If you run DX11 / DX11 Legacy it will be choppy due to shader cache loading delays. This problem went away for me with DX12. The initial loading can be a little choppy, but nothing like with DX11, once the shaders have loaded I get 60fps almost constantly, apart from Ardenweald but that is because my cpu/gpu is slightly outdated.

I Apologize I should of done that from the start, It was a 4 am staying awake thinking “Can I really do that”
I am running Wine-6.4 (staging)

Now i’m not sure how to figure out if dxvk is enabled, i’m still doing some research on that

I did install from the script form Lutris website

So I have a AMD Ryzen 9 12 Core 4.0 ghz processer
I have 32gig 3200mhz Ram
RTX 2060

Now I copied my interface and wtf folder over so i would have my addons,

Currently i am running DX11, DX 12 seems like that issue might not be there, but i suffer a good 40 FPS loss for some reason. Going from like 120 in orbos to 80 to 90. And my experience on windows a worse experience in raiding. Let me click around more and see if I can figure out this dxvk thing and I’ll check back in.

I think i found it and it says its enabled in wine. DXVK/VKD3D

Honestly now that I’ve double checked everything, and I’m just doing quests in the maw, its been perfect staying near 130 fps, No just small chop like there was. I’m queued up for raid finder to see how it is. But i feel like this is running better then in windows. I’m shocked and excited