New to Linux, EverQuest 2 help?

Hi there, I’m sorry for making this post, but I just installed Ubuntu 18.04 on my laptop, and I’d love to play EverQuest 2 through Lutris, but I don’t know how to do it. Could someone help me out?
I’m very new to Ubuntu, and I’m loving it so far, so being able to play games that I love on it would be amazing!

Thanks for reading!

I think you havent gotten answers because you havent really asked a question.

What have you tried? Have you read up on what you need?

Ill do my best with limited information here, but youll want to install wine assuming that eq2 is not made for linux. Lutris is just management software, so wine is the runner to run windows programs/games. Go to wine’s site to see how to install it on your system/for your distro. After that lutris can manage other versions of wine (under lutris config/runner config). Usually you want wine staging as its the newest version thats been kinda tested. Wine defaults with directx 9 compatibility and games of that era and older run ok with it. Winehq can give you an idea of how games perform under wine and if you have to do anything special to run it. Or, lutris may have a script. If not, you can install/configure manually. I installed a game with a script so I could see how the configuration looked and then copied that when i did a manual install.

For directx11 games youll want vulkan/dxvk. Again youll need to install vulkan ffrom your distro but lutris can handle the version changes in the game configuration.

Finally, if it sounds like im speaking greek just tackle it one piece at a time, it can be overwhelming but it really isnt bad after you get the hang of how it all works. Like a lot of things in linux its a rtfm thing.