New support for multiple Steam Accounts


As the title already say, it would be really great of Lutris could support multiple Steam Accounts. I think the effort wouldn’T be too huge, as the basic functionality of course already is in Lutris. It would just take a few UI additions and saving some parameters.
Ad this would actually be very beneficial for everyone with multiple Steam accounts.
At the moment I cannot even use the 'wine-steam-runner at all, because it obviously would force me to use only one account or reentering steam login data all the time. So my workaround is to have one ‘blank’ Wine PREFIX with Steam installed but no games and no account information stored. I then have to create a copy of this empty PREFIX for each game I want to install, and enter the regarding login date there, then install the game and manually adapt the Lutris configuration to use the given PREFIX.
That’s very annoying and could be easuily avoided and actually be very comfortable with Lutris having support for managing multiple Steam accounts.

Thank you for attention! :smiley:

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