New submission not in my profile or created

I was trying to add entries and installers for a handful of libretro games, the submissions appear to have gone through, but don’t show as pending in my profile and also have not been added, so not really sure whats up. Is there a delay I’m not aware of before they even show as pending?

I am wondering this as well. I submitted a very basic “BBC Battle Academy” winesteam installer a few days ago.

I understand that moderators have limited time. I appreciate the great work everyone is doing, so no pressure to rush. I can work at other games as I learn how, but don’t want to waste people’s time with invalid submissions. Any feedback would be appreciated.

There is an issue that prevents pending submissions from showing in your profile. I asked the same thing yesterday after submitting an installer myself. As I understant it the process is slow as they have to be manually checked by the mod(s). As soon as they are approved they will show on the game’s page. You can check the installer yourselve from the edit page.There is a button there to test the installer. You can access the list of unpublished installers by clicking on the respective buttton in the game page.

I’ve published the Battle Academy installer.