New LoL installer - launcher instantly crashes on start

Hi folks!

For a day, a new LoL installer is there and I wanted to install it. It installs fine, I don’t let it start the launcher directly after installation to let installtion finish.

Then I start it via Lutris, the “LoL logo” shows for about half a second and then immediatelly crashes to bugsplat. (Report details)

I tried fiddling around with CSMT setting, set Win version from XP to 7, disable Lutris runtime and disable process monitoring. On all shizzle the same error. All my other games run fine as intended.

Did I miss something to set?

If you need any further information, pls ask :slight_smile:

EDIT: terminal output is pretty small:

wine: cannot find L"C:\\windows\\system32\\winemenubuilder.exe"
LeagueClient.exe(00000009): ALWAYS| Application Version: - CL:2402334 - Build Date:Jul 31 2018 - Build Time:11:13:33