New Linux user who can't get a single game to run :(

I am running Endeavour OS, loving it but I can’t seam to get any game to run.
Running an I9 7980xe with an RTX 2080TI + 32GB Ram.

I have installed Wine and Lutris but can’t get any game to install or run properly :frowning:
Installed TES Obvlision GOTY and Firewatch (Linux) apparently.

Lutris failed to open Oblivion as the desktop shortcut, it only launched from within its own folder
(Drive have full permissions) Sadly after the opening move the game came to 1-2 FPS.
Installed Firewatch… this did launch from Lutris but also fps is ass :frowning:

If it helps I installed Firewatch GOG Linux version and it to plays like junk to so I have no idea what is going on.

I have installed FFXIV and it seams to work perfectly, no lag like the rest of my games that are installed. Currently installing Star Citizen and EVE Online to see how they play.