New feature: game external links

There’s a new feature available on the website which allows to attach URLs to a game and display those in the sidebar.


Currently the supported websites are Wikipedia, PCGamingWiki, MobyGames, WineHQ and LemonAmiga. (I know @RobLoach likes putting WineHQ links in the installer description, now there’s a place to do that ;))

Right now, only the mods can submit links but I’ll add the possibility for everyone to submit them soon.
Should we add support for more websites? Currently there’s a website that is very specific to the Amiga but maybe there are websites specific to other platforms we could add.

GOOD!! And just the four websites I’d have put myself.

I’ve added Github to the possible choices

How about Sourceforge, in case of an open-source game on it, or other open-source hosts?

If sourceforge is the website for an opensource game then that goes in the official website field. For game engines, well I can’t think of one that is hosted on SourceForge :stuck_out_tongue: